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Discover what it means to lead as a servant & why it matters.

  • What is servant leadership and how does it work in Scrum?
  • What leadership style is our Scrum Master?
  • What are the benefits in being a servant leader in Scrum?

Like anything new, questions will follow. Here are some answers and practical advice for new scrum teams.

  • What happens to the team roles we’re used to?
  • How do we get started?
  • Why are sprints set up as they are?



title Job Title images/datagrid/sortDesc.gif location Location images/datagrid/sortDesc.gif
10029559.NET Developer Milwaukee, WI
We are currently looking to add a .NET Developer to our team in Milwaukee. This person will be responsible for contributing to local clients' software development projects. The technologies and environments are varied, although typically Microsoft ...
9622399Salesforce Developer Milwaukee, WI
Centare is looking to add additional expertise in Salesforce.com design and development to our team. This is a great opportunity to change and improve the way that people work in a variety of environments and solve a wide range of interesting ...
354935General Application Milwaukee, WI
If you would like to submit a general application for consideration to Centare, you may do so here. Please let us know what types of positions you are looking for in the comments field. Thank you! Who We Are: We’re passionate and multidimensional. ...
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