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Discover what it means to lead as a servant & why it matters.

  • What is servant leadership and how does it work in Scrum?
  • What leadership style is our Scrum Master?
  • What are the benefits in being a servant leader in Scrum?

Like anything new, questions will follow. Here are some answers and practical advice for new scrum teams.

  • What happens to the team roles we’re used to?
  • How do we get started?
  • Why are sprints set up as they are?

General Application

Location: Milwaukee, WI

If you would like to submit a general application for consideration to Centare, you may do so here.

Please let us know what types of positions you are looking for in the comments field.

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Who We Are:

We’re passionate and multidimensional.  We’re real people with real lives outside work. We believe everyone has knowledge to share. And we believe everyone has a few things to learn. We strive to be a strategic asset for our clients as they tackle challenges in their business and technology.  
We do this by investing in our staff.  We develop and apply appropriate strategies to technology problems that help our clients build and maintain competitive advantage. Our mission is to improve lives through this work:
  • Software Development Consulting - we help our clients build software and learn best practices
  • Comprehensive Software Development - we build software for our clients through our in-house Development Center using Agile techniques
  • Agile Transformation - we teach our clients how to build better software
Centare is an equal opportunity employer.
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